Comparative Study on Faecal Contamination and Occurrence of Salmonella spp. and Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Two Species of Shellfish in Morocco

Rachid Boutaib*, 1, Mohamed Marhraoui2, Mohamed Karim Oulad Abdellah2, Brahim Bouchrif3
1 Institut National de Recherche Halieutique, Centre Régional de Tanger. B.P: 5268. Dradeb, Tanger, Morocco.
2 Institut National de Recherche Halieutique, Station RSSL Port M’Diq. B.P: 31, Tétouan. Morocco.
3 Institut Pasteur du Maroc, Casablanca, Morocco

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© 2007 Boutaib et al.

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* Address correspondence to this author at the Centre Régional de l’INRH. B.P: 5268. Dradeb 90000, Tanger, Morocco; Tel: 212 5 39 94 65 75; Fax: 212 5 39 32 51 39;



Analysis of bivalves for microbial bacteria is a tool for sanitary control. Methodology: 104 samples of bivalves made up of smooth Venus (Callista chione) and red cockles (Acanthocardia tuberculatum) were analysed for Escherichia coli by using MPN technique and for Salmonella by method ISO 6579 and Vibrio parahaemolyticus, analysed biochemically and by multiplex PCR.

Results and Conclusions:

Seasonal variation of faecal contamination was observed between wet and dry periods in three locations. Prevalence of Salmonella was 8.6% and onto 47 strains isolated, three serotypes groups were identified as: S. Kentucky, S. Newport and S. Glostrup. Regarding Vibrio parahaemolyticus, prevalence was 8.6% with 24 isolates identified and confirmed by multiplex PCR as tdh and trh negatives.

Keywords: Salmonella, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, E. coli, Multiplex PCR, Bivalves.